Saturday, 11 December 2010

Organic Milk Chocolate 34% from GO*DO

If you've not read my previous reviews on GO*DO then you will not know that in Italian, GO*DO means a moment of pure pleasure just for you. According to their advertising information provided they believe that GO*DO is the new frontier of chocolate. This is achieved by their direct control over quality, from growing the beans to making the finished chocolate; farm to bar vertical integration. That for me is a first! 

If you didn't know already - Vertical integration is the process in which several steps in the production and/or distribution of a product or service are controlled by a single company or entity, in order to increase that company's or entity's power in the marketplace. When you read it out of context it sounds sinister but I think we know what you're getting at.....

GO*DO cocoa farms are located in Ecuador, The Dominican Republic and Peru, all among the best known origins for high quality cocoa beans. All the farms are managed following the rules of organic production by local people with the economic and professional support provided by GO*DO.

The Packaging: I do like this bar and it's cheery little cow carrying the cocoa beans. It is very cute and they make the most out of this little character on their website. The packaging itself is very effective and the muted tones of their colour palette fits well with the organic feel. I also believe they have the bar size about right especially as it will fit in a handbag easily and in fact two or three bars can be concealed without drawing attention!

Organic Milk Chocolate GO*DO

The Chocolate: This is an organic milk chocolate bar with a 34% cocoa content. There is a slight aroma of tobacco coming from the bar as you open the packaging with a lovely sweet cocoa aroma following closely behind. As the first chunk melts on your tongue I can detect a slight grainy texture to the chocolate but otherwise it is smooth and creamy all the way. I do prefer a milk chocolate with more cocoa but this is well balanced and does not have too much sweetness. The cocoa flavour is fairly short but I keep going back for more so that is always a good sign to me.

In its naked form!

I did enjoy this bar and it is as good as the mini chocolate bars I tasted sometime ago from Green and Blacks. Overall I give this bar 8/10 for flavour and 9/10 for price as it is such good value at 99p for an Organic 35g bar. I'm sure it would be big hit in the supermarkets such as Waitrose especially if sold in packs of six.

At this time of year they will make great stocking fillers!

Planet Organic is the first UK retailer to stock this range. 

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