Friday, 4 March 2011

Whoopee - Organic White Chocolate and Raspberry

Well I'm glad to be writing my blog this evening having had an eventful and stressful day in Epping. Don't get me wrong Epping is a lovely town but today sub zero temperatures, strong winds and uninterrupted sunshine didn't make for the best conditions for an outside market. Due to the low temperatures customers remained inside under their duvets. Strong sun and chocolate do not mix and I quickly had to move my chocolate to the back of the stall which didn't make for a great retail experience! Oh well you live and learn.

I was interested to read that Lady Gaga is bringing a lawsuit against a small businessman who has produced an ice cream made with breast milk. He's called it Baby Gaga which apparently has nothing to do with said Lady Gaga. Ladies have been queueing up to provide the important ingredient! Considering some of the outlandish costumes that are paraded by the artist you'd think this wouldn't be a problem. Whatever next? Perhaps that well known milk chocolate bar will be made with 100% mothers milk! Breast is best, as they say!

After all that lets try a Little Chunky bar of Whoopee from Montezuma. I picked this bar up from their store in Spitalfields, London. Even in the freezing temperatures the girls were outside cheerfully handing out tasters of orange flavoured chocolate to passers by. Top marks for their entrepreneurial efforts. I couldn't resist having making a quick purchase so I popped in for a quick visit. Old Spitalfields market has become a very interesting and busy place to visit with trendy shops including Valerie Patisserie which I'm going back to in the not too distant future. There are also rows upon rows of old 'flee market' style stalls to keep you occupied for hours. If only I had more time :(

As already mentioned this bar is from their Little Chunky range and I love, love the packaging, colourful and tasteful. Not so sure about the name though it does have a certain appeal.

The Chocolate: Made by those lovely people in West Sussex this bar is designed as an everyday snack. Made with Organic white chocolate and a smattering of freeze dried raspberries this little bar looks as though it has a lot to offer. As you would expect the aroma is sweet with a hint of vanilla. The crushed raspberries are mixed evenly throughout the bar. As the white chocolate melts you pick up a hint of raspberry and that is all you get. For me this bar needed more raspberry, 4% is not enough. A little more raspberry would also take the edge off the sweet chocolate. Berries work really well with white chocolate but you need to put sufficient in the bar to get the balance right. Where is their white chocolate from and what is the cocoa butter content?


Even though the amount of raspberry was low for my tastes I enjoyed this bar and it's handy 45g size makes it an ideal snack without feeling too guilty. Overall I give this bar 8/10 for presentation and 6/10 for flavour it just needs a bit more raspberry power! At the moment you can buy this bar on line plus three others for £5.56 which is at the top end for a small bar.

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