Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cloudy Lemonade

Holiday is well and truly over! Back to blogging after a few weeks off...lack of WI-FI is my excuse. Well, it only seems like a few days ago that Mr Murdoch was front page news, as his wife literally flew to his rescue saving him from being splattered with a foam 'custard pie'. How things change and how quickly, even catching our holidaying Prime Minister and London Mayor napping. No sooner had they donned their 'kiss me quick' hats and felt the first rays of continental sunshine then they found themselves being whisked away on the next third or fourth available flight home. Not only have there been air-traffic controller strikes in Germany but apparently they've had them in Canada as well. That's a lie. Whilst I'm no master of crowd control I believe the British police should purchase a few 'water cannons' from the French as soon as possible. They, the French, certainly know how to quell an unruly crowd. 

Police were certainly out in numbers today and I for one found it very disconcerting to see smoke rising high into the early morning dawn just miles from the Olympic stadium. I can't even begin to imagine how terrified people in those areas must have felt. Remove Police, cut support services and job opportunities, equals civil unrest. Scratch the surface of UK society and it bleeds surprisingly quickly. Even with all the awful events that have been occurring there are signs that the British 'stiff upper lip' is alive and kicking. Quoted from the London Evening Standard, "Mrs Yang, a diner at the Ledbury, having been mugged of both her wedding and engagement rings considered finishing the rest of her tasting menu but decided the overturned tables and broken glass not conducive to a nice dining environment". Priceless!

We're Popping!
Ok, lets talk about mundane things like chocolate. According to Thorntons summer has most definitely arrived and many of us will probably be drinking gallons of home-made cloudy lemonade. So, why not make a chocolate bar which champions great British flavours. White chocolate from Dominican Republic loaded with lemon oil and popping candy for a twist.

Cloudy Lemonade
The Chocolate: The lemon oil aroma is strong and images of lemon cheesecake instantly spring to mind. Considering sugar is top of the ingredient list the chocolate is not very sweet and the popping candy is a great addition as it rebounds off your fillings (if you have any) like electric static. I would suggest that it needs a touch more lemon to help cut through the slightly cloying white chocolate. However, overall I think this is a good attempt at making a 'fun' piece of confectionery. A score of 6/10 for imagination is reasonable and priced at 3 bars for £5.00 is money well spent.

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  1. I did really have fun with this bar when I tried it as well. A nice combination of flavour and popping candy and well done them for not over-sugaring the white chocolate!