Saturday, 23 October 2010

Artisan Du Chocolat - Ginger and Lemon grass Milk Chocolate 40%

I'm feeling adventurous and in need of lots of chocolate today so here we go with #2 review of the day! This is the second bar that I've reviewed from the girls and boys at Artisan du Chocolat. The other bar was a very distinctive tobacco bar which took a bit of getting use to but it I actually liked it. 

You'll be surprised to know that this company is nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside and not on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Famous for their truffle collections and salted caramels, bars are a new direction for them. If you haven't had the chance to visit their site I suggest you do. Just take a look at their Halloween offering which looks really fun and at the same time a bit tacky. Unfortunately they must have been very popular as both are out of stock. No gory chocolate for me :(.  Choose from "Blood orange caramel drip" or "Bloody Berry Dark Chocolate". Ok lets get back to the matter in hand.

The Packaging: This bar is from the Fusion range and the packaging has been carefully and simply designed to enhance the chocolate experience. As you would expect with ingredients such as ginger and lemongrass there is an oriental feel. What makes me slightly irritated by the information on this back is that it doesn't tell you where the cocoa beans originated from. Gerard's notes take up a lot of space talking about Yin and Yang but I want to know about the chocolate. By the way who is Gerard? I did search through the website but found nothing, he's probably somebody I should know!

The Chocolate: This is a milk chocolate bar weighing in at just 45g. It feels so thin and delicate which is disappointing and I'm afraid to say in this case size is everything because I might like it. There is a lovely aroma of Lemongrass and Ginger as you open the cello wrapper. I know Gerard waffled on about the Yin and Yang but this is a well balanced bar of chocolate considering the two strong flavours used. Both the ginger and lemongrass cut through the creamy smooth sweet milk chocolate to provide a refreshing finish.

Overall I give this bar 7/10 for a well balanced milk chocolate bar which keeps nagging you to eat more unfortunately it has all gone! 

This bar was purchased from Selfridges and is not available from their website but there are other Fusion bars to choose from. Priced at £2.75 this is expensive but I did take advantage of their deal offering "2 for £5.00" which softened the blow to my purse.

To find out more click on the link Artisan du Chocolat

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