Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pale Edition 01 39% Cocoa Single Origin

According to the literature provided with this fantastic looking bar Amelia Rope appeared on Masterchef. I assume Amelia appeared as a contestant as the details are sketchy. According to Amelia's website she took part in 2006 and 2007. Brave girl! 

After appearing on Masterchef Amelia headed to Eric Treuille's Books for Cooks shop for inspiration. Well it's been a long time since I heard of this shop and I haven't stepped through its doors for over 15 years or maybe more. From what I can remember it was a particularly small shop crammed with everything a budding chef would ever want to know about cooking. I think I purchased a dictionary as I was always typing up menus and couldn’t spell to save my life! Having listened to some sound advise Amelia attended the Valrhona Le Bonbons de Chocolat course and well as they say, the rest is history.

Chocolate bars are a new addition to her impressive portfolio of chocolate creations including handmade truffles and pansies dipped in chocolate and they look amazing.

The Packaging: I like the simplicity of this bar and the use of colour to add vibrancy. It basically tells you exactly what you need to know and if you need to know more then visit her website. On the reverse Amelia has signed her name which gives you the feeling that Amelia has inspected every bar as it comes off the production line. Care and attention is the feeling I get from this bar and I've not got past the packaging yet! If I'm being pedantic the green foil makes you think you're going to taste a mint chocolate bar. Sorry, that is very picky! The bar is named Pale Edition 01 which hopefully means more additions are coming soon.

The Chocolate: This is a chunky, bright, looking bar weighing in at 100g which is well above the average which is about 80g for handmade bars these days. The cocoa beans originate from Ecuador using single origin beans (Arriba) which are very exclusive indeed as they only grow in this country. The particular characteristics of this bean provide a fruit flavour and floral aroma.

It has an excellent glossy look about it which just makes you want to dive in and devour it! I'm immediately reminded of Toblerone when I open the wrapper which is very comforting. The tempering is excellent and the mouth feel is creamy and silky rich. There is a definite caramel taste and even coconut according to my friend who managed to take a piece when I wasn't looking! As you would expect this bar is fairly sweet but it doesn't distract from the other flavours. If I eat anymore of this bar I could be moving away from the dark side as it's delicious and ideal for sharing as it's 100g.

Overall I give this bar a very respectable 8/10 for taste and attention to detail in terms of packaging. I paid £5.49 for this bar which seems to be the norm now and the price didn't seem to be putting people off buying it and I'd be happy to receive this as a gift. Hint, hint...I'm looking forward to tasting the dark editions.

To buy this bar click here Amelia Rope Chocolate

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