Sunday, 21 November 2010

Jungle Fever - Montezuma

Keeping with the Montezuma theme this weekend. We enter the jungle with just this little bar of fruit and nut to keep us going. Something I'm sure the contestants on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here" would rather be eating than those delicious grubs that are on offer.

I think you'd agree with me that the name "Jungle Fever" conjours up spice and heat, I don't think this bar is going to deliver any of these flavours or tastes. According to the packaging this bar contains, sultanas, apricots, walnuts and coconut. Which I'm sure you agree is not your usual offering when thinking about traditional fruit and nut bars.

The Packaging: Bright pink certainly catches your attention! Nothing more to say about this really. Let's not waste any more time and get on with eating the chocolate.

The Chocolate: Venezuelan milk chocolate (43% cocoa solids) has been used to make this bar so it should be powerful enough to cut through the various ingredients that have been added. There is a good cocoa smell when you open the packaging and the taste is not lost as the chocolate quickly melts on your tongue. I love the organic look and feel of this bar and the way they've just blended in the crushed nuts and sultanas. The coconut is a great alternative to the usual mix that you find in other bars. The balance between chocolate and ingredients is just right and you don't feel as if you've been short changed. I guarantee that this bar will not last long. I've made short work of it this afternoon and there goes the last piece....oh no!

Jungle Fever
Overall this is a delicious bar of chocolate that is not pretentious, apart from the name, which doesn't make sense to me but I think I know what they're trying to do? Therefore, I score this bar 8/10 for flavour and 9/10 for value for money at £2.39 when you buy a pack of 3. Order a big stack now before it snows and the postman can't make it up the path! Sundays were made for this bar or is it the other way round?

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