Monday, 22 November 2010

Organic Dark Chocoalte 60% from GO*DO

Well let's see if this little bar lives up to the statement written on the outside of the wrapper, "GO*DO is my moment of pleasure!" 

This is the second bar that I've reviewed from this company and I'm afraid the first bar was a particularly unpleasant encounter. I can still taste those coffee nibs which were so overpowering. Anyway enough moaning onwards and upwards!

The Packaging: The packaging is not particularly eye catching but the little cow is amusing. All the technical information about the bar is available on the back and carries the Certificate of conformity to the EU organic Regulations which defines Organic Agriculture and the foods derived from organic farming. That is a mouthful! The outer wrapper is fairly thick which protects the bar from the usual retail hazards that might befall it!

The Chocolate: This is an organic dark chocolate (60% cocoa) which has a soft, mellow tobacco aroma. The dark chocolate quickly melts and produces a delicious fruity almost milky texture in the mouth. As it has a 60% cocoa content the flavour is not particularly long lasting. But it is delicious and the 35g bar is going to disappear in no time. 

To quote from Planet Organic's website, "GO*DO chocolate bars are made by a fifth-generation Italian family in their state-of-the-art factory near the Italian Lakes. The GO*DO objective is to guarantee the best quality products, the strict adherence to the rules of organic farming and the total support of local people in their small farms in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru, in order to produce a totally delicious chocolate.The secret of GO*DO is the total control of all elements of production, a rarity in the chocolate world where even the most important brands buy the cocoa paste or butter from wholesalers".

GO*DO 60% Dark Organic
This is a great little bar of chocolate is 99p from Planet Organic plus postage and packing and for a 35g bar it is good value for money. It certainly is a moment of pleasure and I want more moments!

To find out more about this company click here!

To buy these little bar go to Planet Organic

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