Sunday, 19 December 2010

Giant Dark Chocolate Buttons - Chocadores

Chocadores again! They kindly sent two samples of their buttons and I have been given the task of tasting these dark offerings from Peru. Hardly a task but you have to big it up! The other half is out and about so it's time to taste some chocolate.

The Packaging: Please note that the picture I've provided does not show the actual amount of buttons in the pack. Just in case there is any confusion. Chocadores provide these giant buttons in 150g packs and also in Kilner jars holding 300g of chocolate. These buttons are described as being a mix of Criollo and Trinitario beans from Peru and interestingly described as, "a Rainforest Alliance product". There is no Rainforest Alliance logo so I can only assume that this item has not been certified just yet, which is slightly confusing. If you want to find out about the Rainforest Alliance click here.

The Chocolate: This is a 64% dark chocolate from Peru and I have to say that I'm absolutely blown away by anything from Peru so my review may be a little bit biased. But I'll try to stay objective at all times. As soon as you open the packet there are very distinct tobacco and woody aromas coming from these delightful buttons. Like wine aged in oak casks there is that distinct flavour that permeates these wines. You either love them or hate them. Well in this instance I love the flavours coming through. An initial fruitiness that comes through is followed by a small hint of liquorice. The chocolate quickly melts on your tongue keeping your palette fluid and there is only slight dryness at the end. The flavour lasts for ages and just goes on and on. Fantastic!

Buttons unbuttoned!
These buttons are delicious and I have no problem awarding them 9/10 for flavour. I think we need some clarity around the Rainforest Alliance claim though. Priced at £3.75 for 150g plus P&P you can still order these delicious buttons, as their last postal deadline is Tuesday 21st December, 3pm. 

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