Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Princi Bakery and other delights of Soho

Let off the leash this week and was allowed to sample the delights of Soho and the Big Smoke. Not the 'marital aid' shops but the foodie shops! Just in case you misunderstood me of course.

If you're tired of the usual offerings that we are served up on a daily basis in the Essex heartland a visit to Soho will slightly dent your wallet but will cheer you up no end. It has been a while since I wandered around this area of London and it never fails to deliver some new concepts and hidden gems. Of course there are some nasty looking places but just wander and enjoy the sites and little side streets.

First stop, Princi Bakery, 135 Wardour Street, W1F 0UT. The first thing that hits you is the massive wood fired pizza oven that is in full view of customers and passers by. Unfortunately, my camera decided to die on me and I have no pictures so you'll have to rely on my descriptions. I hope they don't mind me using their image.
All the seating is on the right hand side and the food is arranged on a massive counter running the length of the restaurant. As you enter the restaurant you are met with rows upon rows of delicious handmade cakes and patisserie delights to tempt you off that diet. Linzer Torte and the most fantastic handmade doughnuts filled with chocolate crème patisserie. That is the only relevance that I can find to my chocolate blog and I thought it was a good enough excuse to talk about it. There were probably 10 different cake or dessert dishes available. A bit strange having your dessert first but anyway moving onto pizza heaven.
Huge slabs of rustic Focaccia pizza divided into generous portions if you're with group have a selection and enjoy the different toppings including Margherita or Spinach to name just two. Interesting but simple salads of endive, rocket, tomato and mozzarella balls. I didn't get a chance to see the hot food in detail but a range of Italian dishes were available. The staff were fantastic even though they did seem a little rushed off their feet. Turnover was quick but didn't feel under any pressure. The bill came to £35 for three including aqua and 1/2 a dozen chocolate doughnuts. Overall an interesting concept and hundreds of others seemed to be enjoying the experience. Simple but effective!
Other places visited included Scoop which sold a fantastic and delicious range of natural Gelato ice cream, including chocolate of course. Having stopped off at SNOG previously for a small blueberry frozen yoghurt we couldn't stretch wallets or stomachs to take more punishment. Oh well it's a good excuse to make another excursion.

Make sure you pay Soho a visit soon as it has so much to offer and we only scratched the surface.  Looking forward to my next outing with a camera that works. Lol!

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