Friday, 4 February 2011

Devnaa - Milk Chocolate Bar with Crispy Rice, Orange and Spices

Chocolate production has finally ended for the day just ribbons and packing to do! Wind is blowing like crazy in Chelmsford and have already chased the contents of my cardboard container all over town! 

But before I start on the wrapping I thought I'd feature my final bar of chocolate from Devnaa. A company based in London providing artisan chocolate with traditional Indian sweet recipes. With every bar sold they donate 5p to HEAL, a UK registered charity committed to providing shelter, support, education and healthcare for children in India. Full marks to Devnna for their ethical stance. I love their Indian influences in their packaging design.

I'm really looking forward to tasting this bar as the ingredients are not what you'd normally expect including crispy rice, orange and subtle spices.

The Chocolate: This particular bar has a fairly low cocoa content of 33% and I wonder whether it will be strong enough to cope with the orange and spices. Unfortunately, this bar didn't make it through the post in one piece so I've broken it up so you can see the rice puffs.
Milk Chocolate with crispy rice, orange and spices

The orange oil is not too strong and works well with the rice and spices. I can detect cinnamon and nutmeg. I haven't eaten a bar like this before but I rather like it. At the end their is a soapy flavour which lingers which is the only slight criticism. 

Overall I give this bar 6/10 for the balance of the bar and 9/10 for their ethics. It will not appeal to all but I think Devnna know and understand their customer base very well. Their bars are currently selling at £5.99 for two 70g bars.

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