Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Willies Delectable Cacao - Peruvian 70

I know this is a little bit late in the day but wasn't the Malaysian Grand Prix fun to watch. I think there was more overtaking in this one race than there has been in the past 10 years. It was actually exciting at some points so the Moss household is looking forward to the weekend's racing from China which should have much of the same especially with those very long straights. Lewis Hamilton didn't look very happy when he was being interviewed after the race perhaps he should let the inner rage out like Wayne Rooney?! It's good to get it off your chest. Oh well that's racing for you. Ok, apologies for the slightly random, slightly off at a tangent start to this post. Let's get back to Peru.

This particular dark chocolate has been selected from the province of San Martin in Northern Peru. I'd like to know more about this chocolate but I'm afraid it is difficult to track down any further information from Willies website. The same blurb seems to be written for each bar with a few minor differences. To date I've tasted the Indonesian 69 and the Venezuelan 72 (Rio Caribe Superior). I was going to do a comparison between all three but my son has eaten the Indonesian block! He said it was delicious. Thanks a bunch. There are big differences in the flavours and only slight differences in the colours. The Peru is darker but is not as intense in terms of fruit when compared to the Venezuelan 72 which has a very long lasting flavour.

The Chocolate: As many of you will know Willies chocolate bars are made by hand using equipment that is over a 100 years old in some cases. So, top marks for effort. However, the chocolate is not as bright as some people would normally expect and there are a few holes on the surface but the 'snap' these bars make is deafening! Ok, I'm exaggerating. The bars have a certain rugged appearance to me which is very appealing. The chocolate melts easily on the tongue and there is a slight roughness to the chocolate. The fruity flavour is strong without being bitter in anyway and does not have the slightly woody taste of the Venezuelan 72.

Overall this is a delicious bar of chocolate and I could eat it until the cows came home. Therefore I'm happy to award this bar 8/10. My only complaint is that there isn't enough information on the chocolate. I want to know more! This 80g bar was purchased from Waitrose at a cost of £3.05. If you'd like to buy on line click here.

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