Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kailahun 70 - Ginger Lime - Willie's Cacao

Willie Harcourt-Cooze aka The Chocolate Man or possibly The Naked Chocolate Man if you can remember his program from a few years ago when he was seen running down a country lane in his birthday suit!  Perhaps, more presenters should follow his lead!  Willie has inspired many people around the world to alter their confectionery eating habits espeically here in the UK.  He has encouraged and gently cajolled us Brits into ditching  traditional English chocolate favourites in the hope that we might try something a little different for a change.  It is an amazing fact that English people are stereotypically boring when it comes to trying different foods, yet we have in this past decade become a country brimming over new foodie innovations. Being in the chocolate business myself I've noticed at farmers markets that I attend, more and more children are enjoying dark chocolate.  Hallelujah!  There are still the odd one or two children that decide dark chocolate is not for them and project the contents all over their long suffering parents. But, I'm encouraged to report that tastes they are a changing.

As you will have noticed this particular dark chocolate is from Sierra Leone and to be more exact from the Kailahun District in the Eastern Province.  Sierra Leone, in West Africa, is probably best know for the long running civil war which it has only just emerged from after a decade. Since then the country has experienced substantial economic growth and potentially if peace continues no doubt the tourist industry will develop with time. Its main exports are diamonds, coffee and cocoa. Enter Willie Harcourt-Cooze!

The Chocolate: A 70% dark chocolate from Sierra Leon. According to Willie the rich terrain in which this cocoa is produced provides a unique depth of flavour. The aroma is rich and intense and I'm already liking this chocolate. There is a hint of ginger at the back just trying to get through. A loud snap as the first chunk is broken exposing shiny nibblets of crystallised ginger. I like to let the chocolate melt in your mouth as this allows the flavours to develop. The lime is not overpowering and just leaves a little tang.

I would like to taste this chocolate on its own as the ginger and lime make it difficult to experience those unique flavours. However, the chocolate works really well and the whole slab is well balanced in terms of flavours with a slightly sweet finish with a bit of heat from the ginger. I assume the cocoa beans are from Trinitario stock?

Kailahun 70
Overall a delicious slab of chocolate and certainly well put together. Priced at £1.80(50g) this is very reasonable for such a delicious piece of chocolate. I could eat it all day definately one to try. 8/10. Click here to buy now!

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