Friday, 1 June 2012

Luscious Orange - Cuban 65

Philip, c'mon your turn to wave and then you Mark...
c'mon Anne even the corgis can manage this!
If this picture doesn't get you in the mood to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee then perhaps there is no hope for you. The old Sea Containers building by Blackfriars bridge is due to be raised to the ground and replaced by a brand new hotel, to be precise, a Mondrian Hotel.  I imagine this is one of the grandest construction hoarding's ever seen in London and perhaps this is going to be the start of a new trend.  More pictures of Royals and perhaps Prime Ministers will be appearing all over the capital peering down from on high. Shrouding buildings before they are reduced to rubble, much like their parliamentary careers, makes a great statement. Personally, I don't mind looking at Royalty but pictures of David and Nick might be a bit too much! Okay enough flag waving lets enjoy some chocolate.....

Baracoa 65 - Cuban
Well, we can't grow cocoa beans in the UK. However, Willie's Cacao is just one of a handful of people that actually make chocolate from scratch in the UK. In fact he even has his own plantation in Venezuela. I believe the lovely Hugo Chavez still allows him to take the beans out of the country. Over the past few months I've tasted several single squares from Willie and I hope Luscious Orange which by the way is not a description of a new phone tariff, lives up to the other offerings. The Baracoan beans (Trinitario) are found in the eastern tip of Cuba and have a delicate honey flavour. 

The tobacco aroma is good, no mention of Cuban cigar though, but a good powerful beginning.  Considering there is only 0.1% of orange oil listed in the ingredients it is fairly pungent and may be overpowering for some people. Mixed with the bitter and slightly rough chocolate producing an almost 'blood orange' taste in the mouth, with a hint of sweetness which is probably the honey. The fruity orange, leaves a slightly bitter feeling on the back of the throat. More zingy than luscious perhaps but this chocolate has plenty of character! The texture is slightly grainy but it melts easily providing plenty of chocolate saliva, so to speak.

Certainly, a very distinctive, robust, bitter orange flavour which stands out on its own and maybe a bit too much orange for some peoples liking. Overall a very enjoyable chocolate. £1.80 for a 50g single square. Good to taste some dark Cuban, no crisis here, 8/10. To buy on line follow the link.


  1. LOVE your blog site--I am a professed chocoholic, so this is the site for me!!! I see that you joined my blog Menopausalmother, so I wanted to hop over here to say thanks, and I joined yours as well. It appears under the name Marcia Doyle on your GFC, just so you know it's me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Marcia, welcome to my chocolate blog and thank you for your kind words. Not only do I write about it but I also work with it as well. Some people have all the luck! You're blog is very easy to read and full of amusing observations! I think I'm a Facebook Fossil but I'm improving. Thanks for the follow.