Monday, 20 August 2012

Escape from Walberswick!

I don't believe I have ever seen Walberswick so jam packed with cars.  A traffic jam in Walberswick? Can you believe it? The M25 was probably quiet in comparison. The promise of a heat wave brought out the sun-seekers in their droves eager to enjoy the view, the beer and the chance to catch a few rays.

There is only one road leading into and out of the village and by 11am the only two car parks were full to bursting point.  Plans are now underway to tarmac most of the marshland, getting rid of that rather unattractive grassland!  I'm only joking.....but Waveney District Council might seriously consider it?  The Anchor looked really promising  as they were hosting an Oyster and Ale weekend but they'd already run out of West Mersey oysters.  The fact that they serve Adnams beer and take their food seriously is definitely a reason to pay them another visit perhaps when it is not so busy.  We decided to hot foot it back to Southwold via the Ferry.  

Pay the ferryman!
We're not talking 'roll on roll off' more jump on jump off, dependent on tide.  A word of warning don't have too many pints if you plan to take this route. 

Apparently, this is one of the few remaining rowed ferries left in the country.  You can tell health and safety have visited as a thick red line has been painted on the jetty marking the point of no return..  This ferry has been in operation since the 13th century.  Somebody recently voiced an opinion that 90p per person to cross the Blythe River, between Walberswick and Southwold was expensive......we threw them over the side. Dogs go free.  They'll even take bikes and buggies if you ask nicely. The journey only lasts five minutes but it will be the best 90p you've ever spent with stunning  views of the harbour and Southwold shimmering in the distance.

Just VW Cool!
This car has eye Lids!

Concourse condition!
We made it safely over to Southwold and saw that the Peoples Car had invaded!  Southwold has always been cool but now it really is cool with the arrival of VWs and they were everywhere!  

I'm afraid to admit this but my family did own one of these beauties many, many years ago but due to a foolhardy French Policeman I crashed it! The policeman survived but the van didn't. 

Sutherland House, an attractive hotel on Southwold High Street, has somehow remained out of the reach of family Adnams and recently appeared in the Sunday Telegraph's 150 Best Restaurants in the UK, we we were only aware of this fact after our meal.  Many parts of the house date back to 1455 fortunately this does not include the staff.  We arrived late but managed to find a table in the attractive garden at the rear of the house.  We quickly ordered going for Sea Bass and Brown Shrimps and a Steak Sandwich. These dishes arrived quickly and were well presented. The sea bass was perfectly cooked served with crushed potatoes and an al dente selection of vegetables all locally sourced.

Unfortunately, the steak sandwich was another story, tough, fatty and in my opinion the arrangement just didn't work. Please avoid serving food on slate as knives make a most earsplitting noise reminding me of my school days when we had blackboards!  I plucked up the courage and complained to the young manageress who was genuinely shocked that my meal was a disappointment. 

Steak Sandwich...more meat and two pieces of bread....

They say you can always tell how good a restaurant or business is by how well they deal with customer complaints.  On this occasion the team at Sutherland House excelled themselves. Well done guys on a great meal but do have a look at that steak sandwich it wasn't pretty! Two main courses with drinks £34.

Next review will include chocolate. I promise! I have two Cafe-Tasse bars ready for tasting but it is just too hot for chocolate!

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