Saturday, 22 February 2014

Venchi 75% Chilli Chocolate

Somewhere in Scotland?
Before we get down to the delicious subject that is chocolate, I wanted to talk a little about politics. It struck me recently that both Scotland and Ukraine are fighting to remove a government that they despise, albeit in totally different ways, to stand alone. Why is it that the UK government is acting like particularly difficult parents who will not allow their errant tenagers to expand their boundaries. As Scottish Independence looms, both George Osborne and the EU pile on their 'school boy' bullying tactics. If they will not let Scotland share their currencies what options are there for Alex Salmond? Perhaps, they'd prefer the 'renminbi' currency of The Peoples Republic of China. They could probably buy Scotland! How would you like that George? Let the Scotts rule and stand alone from what is fast becoming the United States of Europe.......obviously George isn't aware that curling is taking over the world, they'll be no stopping them now. 

As I taste chocolate the other half is scraping and scratching her way through the downstairs cloakroom as the decorating season begins in earnest once again. I say, "DIY" but, I will supply encouragement and coffee from the sidelines. Anyway grouting is hard work and bad for a man's knees. In fact, I have outsourced all DIY to the other half without having to go through an expensive re-tendering process. A masterstroke which I'm sure I will regret in years to come!

£3.50 for a 45g bar

Venchi - in the 1800's Silviano Venchi, based in Turin, brought his passion for fine chocolate to fruition. From the ripe old age of 16 he was engrossed in the making of chocolate and in 1878 he opened his first shop. His forte was dark chocolate with chopped, and caramelised hazelnuts that eventually became known as nougatine. Venchi chocolate is Gluten Free.

Today, Venchi is a gourmet chocolatier producing over 350 different chocolates exporting them across the world. 

Venchi are also into artisan Gelato and you can find their shop in London's Covent Garden where the gelato is made on the premises everyday. Many of their products can be purchased online from Amazon.

Break off a little Venchi square and pop it into you mouth. Don't chomp it! 

A chocolate with a 75% cocoa content takes a while to melt but eventually the warmth of your mouth melts the chocolate releasing the chilli heat which builds in intensity. 

The subtle burn gradually moves from the tongue and roof of the mouth to the back of the throat leaving your tongue slightly numb.

Overall not a bad experience as chilli chocolate goes and I'd probably only have a couple of squares and then squirrel the remainder away until later.

Venchi use a chilli powder to produce this bar and the heat factor is not overbearing in any way, but the dryness of the mouthfeel is not to my liking. 6/10. 

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