Sunday, 19 September 2010

Labooko 2 Milk Chocolates

I seem to be going through a Zotter phase and have another intriguing creation from the boys and girls in Austria to taste.


Once again their packaging is just so innovative and thorough. They obviously spend a lot of time and money on design and marketing. The images and information used are always eye catching and informative. In fact the Zotter organization has it's own art director Andreas h. Gratze. With the environment in mind they have cleverly used environmentally friendly paper and colours to produce this packaging.

The purpose of the Labooko series according to Zotter is to provide an opportunity to compare chocolate personalities. Apparently the cocoa for these bars is obtained from cooperatives in Latin and Central America such as Uncrisproca or El Naranjillo or a particular region such as Satipo and Pagoo or Talamanca. 

Chocolate 1: The first bar is the milk chocolate bar from Nicaragua which has a 60% cocoa content plus it also includes full cream milk powder. I found it very strange to be tasting a 60% milk chocolate which looked dark. In fact it was so disconcerting that I did a blind tasting on a friend and they immediately spotted that it was a very creamy, rich in cocoa, milk chocolate. I was very impressed by this chocolate once I'd got my head round the dark looking milk chocolate bar. I want more!
Nicaragua 60
Ingredients: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, salt and vanilla. There is a rich cocoa smell coming from the bar as the gold foil wrapper is removed. 

Chocolate 2: This bar is from an area of Peru where farmers earn more from their illegal cultivation of cocaine than usually from cocoa. Zotter points out that he pays the farmers well above the normal organic and Fairtrade surcharges to obtain these quality beans. The milk is also organic and comes from the Tyrolean mountains.

Peru 40%
This is another delicious bar of milk chocolate with a strong hint of caramel at the beginning. It is velvety smooth in texture and sweet but not sickly.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, cocoa mass, whole cane sugar, salt and vanilla.

£3.25 for 2 x 35g bars of chocolate is expensive but yet again this is delicious chocolate. Overall I give these bars 9/10 mostly for their great taste and the effort that goes into making these bars.

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