Thursday, 7 October 2010

After Dinner

After Dinner is another chocolate creation from Chocri located in Berlin. 

"After Dinner", described as a dark chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla, organic mint leaves and cocoa nibs. Bourbon Vanilla is the 'creme de la creme' of Vanillas the majority of which is produced in Madagascar with a small proportion coming from Mexico. Cocoa nibs are cocoa beans that have had their shells removed and then broken into very small pieces. The nibs are normally ground down to form chocolate but in this case they're crushed and sprinkled on the bar.

The Packaging: Each bar is presented in a clear plastic wrapper that is placed in a red cardboard outer. Unfortunately, the cardboard wrapper on my bar was broken so I've borrowed this picture from their site. I don't think they will mind. The bar also arrived slightly battered and bruised but I'm letting them off as it did come from Germany and probably had to pass through many post offices.

The Chocolate: Well it's not a very strong dark chocolate with only 64% cocoa content. All their chocolate is sourced from the Dominican Republic and is both fair trade and organic. Plus we must not forget that Chocri donate part of their sales to DIV Kinder which is a Christian organisation that cares for homeless and orphaned children of the Ivory Coast. The chocolate itself does not have a lot of depth which is disappointing however the mint provides a subtle reminder that you're eating after dinner mint chocolate. The cocoa nibs are a great addition as they provide a lovely crunch. This is not a bad combination but I would have preferred a dark chocolate with a higher cocoa content. I'm not too keen on the bits of organic mint that are left in the mouth but I understand they're sticking to their principles. 

For me this bar lacked punch and I wanted a bigger hit of mint and dark chocolate. But don't misunderstand me this is a great concept that I wish I'd thought of and I'm sure it's success will go on in leaps and bounds!

This bar will cost you £3.90 for a 100g plus postage and packing at £4.95. I managed to add 10 bars to my basket and the price for packaging remained the same. So buy in bulk if you want to make your purchase economical. If your gift is for a friend then you can upgrade to a Chocri gift box (2 bars) for an additional £2.90. Interestingly their .com site offers buy 5 bars get 1 free but not on the UK site...obviously this is under construction and will soon be available to us.

Overall I give this bar a creditable 6/10 for creativity and the companies ethical policy. Taste on this occasion was lacking somewhat but don't let that stop you from trying this product.

It's only October and they have their Christmas Creation on their American site already!

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