Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dark Chocolate With Chilli Mexico 66% Cocoa

The last of the Thorntons blocks for the time being. Have I left the best to last? Well this particular block is from Mexico and in terms of chocolate this is a new country for me having never tasted chocolate from hear before.

To quote from The Chocolate Connoisseur by Chloe Doutre-Roussel, "Mexico: The birthplace of manufactured cocoa, Mexico now producers mainly lower-quality cocoa. Interestingly, a few rare, fragrant Criollo trees grow wild in the jungle of Chiapas in the south. Attempts are underway to revive this precious species." 

So for Thorntons to introduce a chocolate from Mexico is pretty adventurous of them.

The Packaging: Well the packaging had to bright red, it couldn't have been anything else! Unlike the other blocks Thorntons have placed the words 'the art of the Chocolatier' under their logo which suggests the chief has had a hand in it's production.

The Chocolate: You have to be careful when making chilli chocolate to ensure you don't blow peoples heads off. Well, Thorntons this is a good bar of chilli chocolate. I tested it on a couple of people who enjoy chilli chocolate and they said that it needed a bit more fire and wasn't for them! For me it was spot on as it had just enough heat without being over the top. The chocolate is bright and has a great snap. On the mouth the chocolate melts fairly quickly and is moist throughout. The chilli leaves a delicate warmth on the tongue and at the back of the throat. Actually I've just found a bit of chilli and my eyes and nose are running! That will teach me...There is a slight taste of sweetness which comes from the honey and added sugar. 

Overall I give this bar 6/10 for good taste and 'value for money' three bars for £5.00 as part of their promotion. Each bar weighs 80g. I will certainly be back for more.

This post was written by Richard.

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