Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Mint 70%

This is the second bar from the Green & Black's range that I've reviewed for this site and I'm keeping an open mind on the outcome. If you missed the previous review the name Green & Black's was chosen to illustrate their blend of ethics and intense taste. Green represents their sustainable and organic principles which they employ whilst making their chocolate. Black represents the colour of their original Dark 70% chocolate bar and the intense taste of all their chocolate.

The Packaging: As you would expect the packaging is stylish and exudes quality. Their website provides little information on packaging however they state that the company tries to minimize the amount of packaging it uses. They are aiming to reduce the amount of packaging but at the same time they want to ensure your chocolate bar is protected and reaches you the consumer in perfect condition. Due to the way this particular chocolate bar has been made a simple card strengthener has been used. Recycled paper wrappers and boards are used and vegetable based inks provide the colour .

The Chocolate: This is an organic dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content. The bar is divided up into 15 small capsule like sections that ensure the peppermint fondant remains inside until the right moment.
The chocolate has a good cocoa smell with a whiff of peppermint fondant in the background. As the chocolate melts the fondant seeps through and you are met with a mild minty fresh taste which is all a bit odd to me. Unfortunately, the  bar reminds me of After Eight Mints that my grandparents used to put out at Christmas. In those days I used to be an expert at removing the mints without the grown ups noticing. I'm sure many of you remember doing exactly the same thing. Back then I could eat 100's of them but my taste buds have moved on and I'm not so keen on that mint flavour. Personally this is a waste of good chocolate overpowered by mint but I'm sure it has a following somewhere.

Overall I give this bar 6/10 for presentation, price and packaging. I purchased this bar from the Adnams Cellar & Kitchen, Southwold. At £2.09 for a 100g bar this is good value for money as long as you like peppermint fondant!

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