Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Montezuma's Spice It Up with Dragon Ginger

Montezuma's is a great name for a chocolate company and I'm sure like many a chocolatier wished that they'd thought of it first. To quote directly from their website. "Ex-lawyers turned chocolate entrepreneurs, Helen and Simon Pattinson, founded Montezuma’s in 2000 hand making their chocolate with one little machine and one shop in Brighton". 

Disillusioned with life in the UK they packed all their belongings into storage and disappeared to South America where they discovered chocolate on a Venezuelan plantation. It is a great British success story! They now have 5 shops and supply their bars and products to shops around the country. There is something for everybody and for all occasions.

The Packaging: As with all Montezuma products the packaging is innovative and eye catching. There is plenty of information on the back with a little intro from Simon. The bar is wrapped in a loose fitting silver foil.

The Chocolate: This is a dark chocolate made with an Ecuadorian cocoa (71% cocoa content) with the addition of sugar, vanilla and Dragon Ginger. When you open the bar there is a lovely smell of cocoa. This is a rough and rugged looking bar with no pretentiousness which gives it a great organic feel. The bar is shiny and is well tempered. The ginger has been finely chopped and unlike some crystallized gingers is not overpowering. For me this is a well balanced bar and I'm having to stop myself from eating too much. The cocoa flavour is a little short but I'm just being picky.

Overall I give this bar 8/10 for value for money and great taste. I paid £2.05 for a 100g bar. I'm still trying to get my head around the price. This bar was purchased from the Black Olive, Southwold.

If you want to buy there bars visit Montezuma's now.

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