Saturday, 30 October 2010

GO*DO - Organic Dark Chocolate 60% - Espresso Coffee

Well we're on a roll so let's look at another dark organic chocolate bar this time flavoured with coffee. At this rate I will be on the ceiling all night! 

This bar is from a company called 'GO*DO' and they originate from Italy. I found them at the Chocolate Unwrapped event a few weeks ago and they were an extremely cheerful bunch of people who came across as being passionate about their chocolate. In Italian 'Go*Do' means a moment of pure pleasure. Well their website certainly suggests that you're about to eat some of the very best chocolate in the world. Not only is it organic but it is sustainable. Their cocoa is sourced from small farmers in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru, where the risk of deforestation is high. Apparently crops are managed according to the strict rules of organic farming. I'm not sure who actually does the managing as it's not very clear on their site.

The Packaging: They've done a good job with the packaging of this bar and like their stallholders at Chocolate Unwrapped they like to show off their fun side. On a serious note all the technical information about the bar is available and each bar carries the Certificate of conformity to the EU organic Regulations which defines Organic Agriculture and the foods derived from organic farming. Try saying that when you've had a few too many beers. The outer wrapper is fairly thick which protects the bar from the usual retail hazards that might befall it!

The Chocolate: Well no surprises when you open this bar up the espresso flavour envelopes you totally. The coffee used to produce this bar comes from pure Arabic coffee from Central America. The surface of the bar is covered in small pin prick holes which is becoming a trend. When you break open the bar there is a honeycomb texture and roughness from the organic coffee nibs that have been blended into the chocolate. If I had tasted this bar with my eyes shut I'd think I was eating sand as it is extremely crunchy and reminds me of sandwiches on the beach. 

Overall I'm not a fan of this chocolate due to the crunchy coffee nibs which leaves your mouth with lots of bits which you'll be crunching until dinner! I give this bar 7/10 for packaging and presentation but only 4/10 for texture, flavour and taste. Fortunately I have more bars from these guys to try, fingers crossed. I paid 70p for a 35g bar but it was on special offer however most retailers will sell this bar for 99p. 

In the meantime this is the link to their website, GO*DO

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