Sunday, 19 February 2012

WW Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

From Paul Young's Pecan Brownie to Weight Watchers chocolate digestive biscuits.  All in a day's work for a chocolate reviewer! Both products could not be further apart in terms of calorie counting or maybe flavour. 
Perhaps I'm doing this biscuit a disfavour?  Like many people I'm partial to the odd digestive biscuit and on really special occasions I splash out and buy some chocolate digestives. Unfortunately, for me these are usually gobbled up by the rest of the family before I have even had chance to have one myself.  I have had the opportunity to taste and review some biscuits from Weight Watchers before and they were ok but didn't really grab me as a replacement for a good old traditional digestive.  I have been on a diet for the past 6 months losing several pounds and have now returned to what I'd call normal eating, however, minus the biscuits and crisps. So, for me this might be an option.

In terms of packaging you have all the dietary information you'll ever need right before your eyes. A pack contains 12 biscuits and each biscuit (51 calories per biscuit) is worth one Pro Point. Perhaps the best thing about the packaging is the resealable pack which does exactly what says. I tested this several times opening and closing the pack until I lost interest and each time it resealed itself.

Milk Chocolate Digestives
The biscuit itself is a lot smaller than the traditional chocolate biscuit and is wafer thin by comparison. But, we must not forget that we're on a diet!  It has a good chocolate aroma and a "Rich Tea" biscuit crunch about it. There is also sufficient chocolate covering the biscuit to keep the mouth feel moist and provide sufficient sweetness with a good taste of oats.  There is an after taste at the end but nothing overpowering.  It also passes the tea dunking test, my biscuit lasted an unofficial 8 seconds before disintegrating! 

Overall, I think Weight Watchers have found a good recipe for this biscuit which is a great improvement on their last attempt, 8/10.  New Weight Watchers Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits have a RRP of £1.59 for a pack of 12 and are currently listed in Morrisons and independent retailers across the country.  You know you're not eating the real McCoy but you're not feeling hard done by either because it actually tastes good.  

The only problem is that other people in your family might also agree...find a good hiding place!

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  1. I find that a lot of Weight Watchers stuff is actually really good! Still feels like a nice treat.