Sunday, 17 June 2012

Salted Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate

In terms of sport, summer seems to have arrived, but there are signs in the garden that things are also beginning to flourish.  Rather than fifty shades of green we now have some blue highlights making a brief appearance!  

England are progressing in the Euros and as usual driving us all crazy with their hopeless attempts at defending that goal mouth!

The British MotoGP is about to start with the gritty Carl Crutchlow back on his fearsome machine after falling off during practice. Thank god for air bags! Not only has he fractured his ankle but he also dislocated it!  British sportsman are a tough breed indeed!  So, Olympian's, I hope you're paying attention..... no backing out with a strained hamstring. No excuses allowed!

Okay, lets try some chocolate.....This particular bar of chocolate has been sitting at the bottom of my 'tasting bag' for ages, probably for good reason. Marks & Spencer must have decided to reign in the marketing budget on this one as the packaging isn't exactly
enticing and I have to say I've been putting this review off for sometime now. There is enough silver foil wrapped around this bar to roast a small chicken! Perhaps that's how you're supposed to recycle it?

100g Salted Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate
The Chocolate:  A milk chocolate containing 35% cocoa solids and made in Ireland doesn't fill me with optimism.  Described as a milk chocolate bar (60%) filled with smooth flowing salted caramel with a hint of sea salt (40%). The main ingredient is sugar with sea salt being at the very end of the list. Yeah, I know you only need a little salt! So, I'm not expecting this to be exceptional. In terms of aroma there are 'full on' wafts of caramel and sweet, sweet chocolate. The bar itself has a very shiny almost plastic appearance.  I have tasted Salted Caramels before but they are something I associate with skilled artisan chocolatiers such as Paul A Young rather than mass produced in a factory.

The chocolate itself is disappointing with very little cocoa flavour and just fades into the background. The liquid caramel is good and not overly strong but just lacks sufficient salt. This bar is never going to offend anybody as it is duller than a wet weekend, 4/10. Goes nicely with a cup of tea though!  Oh, here comes the sugar rush, temples throbbing...ouch this bar bites back!

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