Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rayon by Cailler of Switzerland

Rayon, not a word that trips off the tongue when talking chocolate.  Who did the marketing sampler for that one?  It sounds like something you might find in the fabric softening section of your local supermarket. 

According to Wikipedia, Rayon, is described as, 'a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber'. Used in the textile industry it has a high luster quality giving it a bright sheen. Well, that description certainly applies to the packaging which is perhaps the brightest I have ever seen. 

The packaging is bright and golden however the bar of chocolate has a strange orange and caramel glow about it.  The chocolate is also very light in colour. I can't say I've seen anything like it before. The chocolate contains honey and little nibbles of nougat and a surface that is very sticky to the touch.

The bar is very light and is similar in texture to our home grown Aero. But, that I'm affraid is where the similarity ends. I can't actually taste any chocolate just bland sweetness with waves of honey and crunchy chunks of nougat. The airy texture is just right and the overall balance of honey and nougat is good. Unfortunately, sweetened condensed whole milk is not my thing and having demolished a few chunks I'm heading for a drink of water to wash it all away! 

RAYON - 100g
From a country that brings us colourful Swatch, intricate cuckoo clocks and ingenious Swiss Pen Knives.  This is possibly the worst thing to come out of Switzerland but, that is just my opinion.  I did find some people in America trying to track down supplies of this bar. Well, I've found it for you and you are very welcome to it. 

Not often am I lost for words when trying chocolate but this has to be a low point in my reviewing career, 4/10 and that's mostly for the packaging.

If you like your chocolate or in this case 'brown stuff' sweet then, this is just for you. I think, the initial Wikipedia description of Rayon, a 'manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber' is as close a description I can think of. 

Buy online from at a cost of £12.05 for a pack of 3 Rayon bars. To read about Cailler click here.

On a more festive note....look out for my Stollen recipe....I will be up at the crack of sparrows tomorrow to bring you a delicious Stollen recipe!

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