Sunday, 6 January 2013

Chocolate Bunny - Marks & Spencer

Its all been happening in Chelmsford this week.  A deer runs through the town centre knocking a pedestrian to the floor and Simon Burns, Minister of State, Department of Transport, declares that he spends £80,000 per year on a chauffeur-driven ministerial car to and from Westminster.  Surely, a First Class rail ticket to Westminster would be more cost effective?  Simon defended his use of a government car by stating that he had classified papers that he needed to work on.  Isn't the Minister aware that there must be hundreds, no thousands of business men and women carrying sensitive documents to and from work......Simon, they use a briefcase and it has a lock. You must try one. 

It wasn't a wild rumor after all! Marks and Spencer has already started selling their Easter range of chocolate novelty items. The tins of Quality Street are still only half full and chocolate Easter eggs start appearing on the shelves! 

So, having waited patiently in the 'Returns' queue at my local Marks and Spencer's for far too long I decided a little treat was in order. 

Foiled Bunny
Described as a 'hollow milk chocolate bunny, weighing in at 180g. Priced at £5.00 or £2.78 per 100g. Wrapped in 'Easter' green foil, easily detachable bow and fluffy tail. All very cute!  In my opinion this is Marks and Spencer's take on the famous Lindt Gold Bunny.  Tesco is currently selling 3 Lindt Gold Bunnies for £1.20. At 10g each this makes them £6.00 per 100g.  Alternatively, you can buy a 200g Lindt Gold Bunny for £4.49 or £2.25 per 100g plus shipping from Lindt direct and your bunny comes with a little red bell.

30% cocoa solids
Unfortunately, my bunny looks like it has met a blunt instrument head on! I was very careful with bunnykins but, alas he has sustained a bit of damage and perhaps some outer packaging would have helped.  But, hey its going to be broken where its going!  None of the features are highlighted so the overall presentation is a bit plain and flat.  Interestingly, the chocolate is made in the UK but ribbon and fluffy tail are made in China.  Can't we make anything in our own country anymore?

The figure is well made with an even spread of chocolate throughout. Whilst the chocolate is sweet it is not overly sickly sweet and cloying.  Made with dried whole milk it has a smooth and velvety feel with an enjoyable caramel flavour.  An tasty piece of chocolate but, perhaps slightly expensive for what it is.  Some hidden chocolate treasures hidden within the bunny would have made its £5.00 price tag more attractive. Overall 6/10.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with Chocolate cracked or untracked!!! It taste great just the same.
    I am following you from the hop and would love for you to follow along.