Saturday, 19 January 2013

Gingerbread Heart - Marks and Spencer

Firstly, I must give Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford and Minister of State, Department of Transport, the thumbs up for making the effort to travel by train immediately it was pointed out that he was spending all our hard earned cash on a chauffeur driven car. I'm not sure if he is still taking the train on a daily basis? 

From what I understand he didn't even have a seat and had to stand all the way to Liverpool Street, poor love.

Horse is now back on the menu, well not knowingly on British menus. Tesco is jumping through hoops or is that over fences to apologize for their burger error? They must be secretly be loving all this free, if rather, unfortunate publicity!  

Not only is horse back on the menu but, so are other interesting creatures including crocodile, buffalo, kangaroo and springbok. The majority of these meats with the exception of horse are extremely expensive and out of reach of most shoppers. So, putting horse back on the menu in these times of recession seems like a good idea.  The French must be sniggering into their croissants at the thought of Les Anglais eating their beloved horses. It is all about national identity and we are the Roast Beefs, don't you know?! And we would probably rather die than eat the winner of the 2:10 at Curragh.

Iced Gingerbread Biscuit by Marks and Spencer
Ok, back to the biscuit from Marks and Spencer! At £1.50 this little biscuit, weighing in at just 43 grams, is perhaps on the small size. Especially when you consider you could probably make a whole tray for that price. But, that would mean buying ingredients, turning on the oven, finding a recipe, getting the recipe wrong at least once and then doing all the washing up! I think £1.50 is good value, don't you?

I'm not so keen on the plastic packaging as it makes it look cheap. Once out of the packaging the biscuit has plenty of gingerbread flavour and a good buttery taste. A crisp and dry biscuit rather than a chewy one. It was quickly wolfed down by the tasters in my household.  They didn't even see the biscuit's wording! Overall 5/10 for taste and novelty value.

I'm not sure how I'd feel if somebody gave me a heart shaped biscuit as a token of their endearing love....I might think they were taking the biscuit.

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