Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chocri - Top 5 in One

"Chocri - Meine Schokolade" has a much better ring to it than "My Chocolate" don't you think? Anyway when I was training in Munich to be a hotel manager they didn't have chocolate like this! I recently received two bars from the guys at Chocri and I'm going to start with, Top 5 in One, which is their top five toppings on one bar. The milk chocolate is topped with hazelnut brittle, almonds, strawberry bits and real gold flakes". You have spoiled me Herr Chocri !

Their Story: Chocri was founded in September 2008. In early 2010 their company launched in the US and as of September 2010 chocri chocolate is available in the UK. Now I understand why they came all the way from Berlin. They even sent me an email to say they were delaying sending my chocolate out due to the hot weather in the UK. According to their literature the chocolate bars are hand-made from organic and fair trade Belgian chocolate. Chocri is the world's first company that let's you design your own chocolate bars online. On, you can choose from 4 base chocolates and over 100 toppings to create the chocolate bar of your dreams. There are 27 billion combinations according to their website. I'll take their word for it. The name 'Chocri' which is unusual was chosen with the help of their blog readers. 

Green Fact: To take a stand against unethical cocoa production in the industry, Chocri donate 1% of their revenues to DIV Kinder, an organisation that supports children in Ivory Coast, and they have thoughtfully allowed customers to add a donation at checkout.

Packaging: The bar is enclosed in a clear cellophane pouch with a self sealing tab at one end. The outer cardboard packaging is red with a simple but large viewing panel to show off the decorated chocolate. When you pull out the chocolate bar the words Share? Yeah right...! which is Chocri showing off their fun side.

The Chocolate: I've never seen such a bejeweled bar in my life! Every part of the bar is covered in strawberry bits, hazelnut brittle, whole almonds and real gold flakes. This is a first for me. Interestingly there is no weight displayed on the box however it weighs in at 100g. When you open the wrapper the first smell that hits you is strawberry which reminds me of candy floss. The milk chocolate has a cocoa content of 32% which is good but the bar has sugar listed at the top of the ingredient list. I'm not sure where the cocoa originates from. There are lots of flavours going on and I found it difficult to pick out the individual tastes. The almonds tasted as though they had been salted at some stage which wasn't a problem for me I just wasn't expecting it. The cinnamon comes through at the end. 

Overall considering there are five different toppings this was a well balanced bar. I would certainly go back for more but I would be careful as to the choices I made in regards to toppings. At £4.50 this bar is fairly pricey but then you are paying for a customized bar and don't forget to add £4.95 for postage and packing.

I'm happy to give this bar 7/10 for originality, ethical policy, customer service and for an easy to follow website. They'll even send you a refund if you didn't like your creation. I think Christmas will be busy for the boys and girls at Chocri! 


  1. I love the Chocri concept but I'm so indecisive I'd need several hours to choose my toppings! It's the sort of thing you'd buy as a pressie, rather than sit scoffing it yourself (unless you're a blogger ;) It's a real luxury at that price in my opinion. Thanks for telling us about it x

  2. I am a creature of habit and tend to home in on one type of chocolate. Im always open to trying something new. I love white and coffee flavours mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking of it.
    Definately sounds yummy!!!