Sunday, 3 October 2010

Dark Chocolate With Peruvian Cocoa 72%

At last some dark chocolate to taste! Don't get me wrong I like milk and white but dark chocolate is at the top of my list of must haves in the cupboard. In fact several cupboards!

This is another chocolate bar from Marks and Spencer and is part of the three I purchased a month ago. As every school boy can tell you Peru is where the Incas originate from and whose empire was captured by those naughty Spanish conquistadors in 1533. They were only after the chocolate...

Apparently there are just 30,000 cocoa growing families in Peru who concentrate on producing good quality chocolate. I found this little snippet on the Reuters website by Emily Schmall....."The world's largest chocolate maker, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut, offers a line of chocolate dense with cocoa from Peru's Alto El Sol Plantation. It is said to be the chocolate of choice for French President Nicolas Sarkozy".

Packaging: As with the other bars the drizzle theme has continued through to the dark chocolate. So, no reason to comment further on that subject then.
Dark Chocolate with Peruvian Cocoa 72%

The Chocolate: I've just returned from a run in the Essex countryside and the weather was brilliant. I spent a bit of time mulling over what this chocolate would be like especially after the white chocolate disaster! Well I'm pleased to report that this chocolate is very, very good. 

It has a great SNAP and for me the cocoa content is sufficient. It melts easily on the tongue and delivers an excellent smoothness with a hint of tobacco.  There is a fair amount of depth to this chocolate and it is going down a treat!

Apologies for the picture quality but I dropped the bar as I was about to take the photo! I'm all fingers and thumbs today. 

Overall I give this bar 8/10 mostly for value for money at £1.49 for a 100g it is great value.

I don't imagine they will taste this during Chocolate Week but I like this chocolate. Well done Marks and Spencer. I'll be looking out for more dark chocolate from Peru.


  1. Steve, many thanks for your comment, the chocolate is really good to. There goes another chunk!