Tuesday, 5 October 2010

White Chocolate with Coconut and Lime Limited Edition

If you're new to chocolate Thorntons is a good place to start. Their website is full of helpful facts and information that will assist the budding chocolate enthusiast to enjoy their purchase even more.

Well, today I'm going to review a white chocolate bar from Thorntons which professors to be a limited edition. I thought that only applied to cars and cut glass? I suppose it means they only produce a certain amount. This particular chocolate is made with cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic. A few years ago I did a blind tasting between a Dominican Republic and Venezuelan white chocolate and guess which one came out on top. Yes, you've guessed it the Dominican Republic

What is cocoa butter? Over half the weight of the cured, dried cocoa bean or nib is made up of fat, this can fluctuate depending on the variety of cocoa bean. Cocoa butter is invaluable in the production of quality chocolate. It is also used in cosmetics. It has an unusual quality that it melts just below the temperature of the human body. In the United States "white chocolate" is called "white confectionery coating" as it is not real chocolate.

The Packaging: Similar in style of presentation to the other 'blocks' produced by Thorntons. Very colorful and eye-catching!

The Chocolate: Well as many of you know white chocolate is not really chocolate as it does not contain any cocoa. It is made using cocoa butter and the quality of your white chocolate is dependent on this factor. Chocolatiers beware, use a cheap white chocolate at your peril!

The aroma coming off this chocolate is a heady mix of coconut and lime. As you would expect the chocolate melts quickly and the lime and crunchy coconut kick in. The mix of lime and coconut is just right and enjoyable. For me the chocolate is too sweet but then I'm a lover of dark chocolate. In my opinion this is not a bar to be eaten at one sitting and I have put my bar back in the draw for later.

Overall I give this bar 6 out of 10 mainly for the clever mix of flavours and value for money. I purchased three blocks (80g each) for £5.00 which seemed a fair price to pay.

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