Sunday, 6 February 2011


I have to say that the milk chocolate bar from Nero and Bianco that I tried a couple of days was very good and it was demolished in record time! How will this dark chocolate shape up. Well Louise from Nero and Bianco assured me that all their bars were made using Trinitario cocoa beans. So hopefully this dark chocolate will follow in its milkier cousins footsteps.

Their cocoa beans are sourced from a variety of co-operatives and for this bar they have included Conacado Co-operative (Dominican Republic); Association de Productores Cacao Vrae (Peru) and Foraleza Del Valle (Ecuador). All have been certified Fairtrade.

The aroma from this bar is one of intense tobacco which is so intoxicating you just want to keep inhaling deeply. The chocolate is well tempered but unfortunately, it was roughed up in the post so it is not looking its best! The tobacco does come through in the taste but it is very subtle. The chocolate melts quickly on the tongue with a hint of bitterness. 

This is a good bar of chocolate and the quality Trinitario beans shine through in every way. Happy to award this bar of chocolate 8/10 for flavour and full marks for ethical pedigree. 

If you're in the catering trade Peros are exclusive stockists of Nero and Bianco chocolate.

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